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Preschool early learning and childhood education that’s consistently ranked #1 “Best of Orlando,” six consecutive years and counting! Once you get to know our caring teachers and discover our innovative curriculum, you won’t want your baby anywhere other than Ladybird Academy Wekiva Springs.

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Preschool early learning for infants and toddlers in a world-class environment.

Ladybird Academy Wekiva Springs is purposely built to provide a bright, spacious, modern environment that feels like a home away from home for our little ones. Classrooms, enrichment rooms, playgrounds, and play areas have been designed to fulfill the unique needs of each age range, starting at 6 weeks old.


Certified Teachers and Caregivers

All of our teachers at Ladybird Academy are hand selected, caring individuals who develop an important relationship with our parents. They all meet or exceed state credential requirements, and all staff are CPR/First Aid certified.

Trusted Security and Transparency

Our world-class facilities include parental monitoring web cams, coded door locks, and biometric fingerprint door sensors for added security access and additional peace of mind. All classrooms are fitted with telephones as well, so you can always call in and check on your child within seconds.

Impeccable Environments

When you come for a tour and anytime you drop off or pick up your child, you’ll notice something important—extreme cleanliness. Your child learns and plays in a thoroughly sanitized environment that reduces the spread of germs and illness.

What our parents are saying.

Ladybird Academy has given me the comfort to return to work full-time and not feel like I am missing out on this miraculous time of rapid growth and development. We feel comforted by the fact that someone truly cares for our daughters and respects their individuality.

- Matt and Jennifer Robson

We went into the visit with a thorough check list of ‘preschool desires’, ranging from development and education standards to friendliness, cleanliness, nutrition and outdoor / active play. We left with a confidence that Ladybird Academy would meet or exceed our expectations.

- Anthony and Stephanie McNeil

The classroom staff were very supportive of both child and parent and the separation anxiety that we all felt. With a reputation as ‘the best’ child care center in the area and a motto of ‘only the best for your children’, we hold Ladybird Academy to a very high standard.

- John and Sydney Mitchell

I cannot tell you what a relief it is for me being so far away and being able to peek in via the webcam and see our little boy having such wonderful days at school. I know he is receiving the very best and most attentive care while also learning and playing with other children all in a very safe, clean and cheerful environment.

- Danielle Saccone